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Sean Ficht

Originally born in College Station, Texas, I moved to Arlington to attend school at the University of Texas at Arlington.  There I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication.

There are so many people in the world, trying to start businesses, start their own band, or just trying to get a message out. From logos to posters and websites, each design is a chance for me to help show the spirit of the people behind it. I enjoy working with people and getting to help bring their visions to life. 

I am always exploring different media and artistic styles to better learn how to blend them into my work. Over the last few semesters my classes gave me the chance to explore many fields in which to implement these different styles. I’ve taken a lot of interest in branding and interactive design because of the wide variety of applications they can provide and the depth that they can give to a brand. A brand can begin as a simple logo, but you can take the spirit of that logo and broaden it into an identity that can become anything from t-shirts to an immersive website.





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